The basis of Transactional Analysis (TA) therapy is promoting personal growth and change, this approach is great for well-being and helping you to real your full potential in all area’s of your life. This therapy approach believes you have 3 ego states: parent, adult and child, these different states can affect the way you feel and behave. Through therapy using the 3 ego states as well as other tools, your therapists can provide insight into problem-solving behaviours, with the goal of helping you regain autonomy in your life. As children we adapted our behaviours, thoughts and feelings to the demands and expectations of our parents/parent figures in order to feel liked/accepted, whilst also rebelled when feeling upset, fed up or angry. As adults we may replay our childhood behaviours without being aware of them, which may create a negative response or reaction to our behaviour. TA helps you to recognize and become aware of your childhood patterns of behaviour and make personal changes with new patterns, to make full use of your adult options.