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10 May

Having many restrictions upon me regarding the number of people I can reach when promoting new free resources that I create, please be sure to like my Facebook page to ensure that you get notified of the latest workbooks and various self-help tools that is still to come. I am currently working on a workbook focusing on 'Back to School'.

Are the pressures of the Covid-19 isolation, the stresses of homeschooling, added with your worries of what is to come over the next few months, impacting upon your children's mental wellbeing? 

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This Covid-19 lockdown is an ideal opportunity to help our children in becoming more mindful of their thoughts, feelings, and behaviours while life is currently, more or less, at a standstill for them.  You can help your children while homeschooling using these fun educational activity worksheets that will help the promotion of various invaluable aspects (click here for further information). Not only for them, but yourself also as the outcome will allow you to gain greater insight into their present wellbeing. Therefore, helping you all to identify ways to help them move forward in life, more positively and efficiently.

This brand-new workbook follows on from the previous 3 wellbeing workbooks that I created and generally focuses on the use of reflection. By using the current Covid-19 experience, and having learnt all that they have recently having completed the first wellbeing workbook, children will now come to reflect on past, present, and possible future aspects of their young lives, continuing to enhance their self-awareness and all other positive wellbeing understandings being.

Therefore, these worksheets will encourage children to identify any negative areas that they have been struggling with, onto helping them to recognise how they could possibly better their struggles and become able to create positive changes for themselves to solve the issue in question. 

Between the ages of 0-7 years, is when around 70% of their future adult-self is unconsciously created. By helping your child to understand their emotions as early as possible, is nothing but invaluable. 

How do my workbooks promote positive emotional wellbeing?

There are many ways to help a child develop and/or enhance good emotional wellbeing. Just some of the key aspects that my worksheets include to promote this are:

Enhancing the ability to understand and show gratitude

Develop awareness of appreciation

Identify strengthens and weaknesses

Be mindful of self and others

Create coping strategies

Understand how to cope with change

Enhancing positive mental attitude (PMA)

Understanding emotions and how these affect us within various aspects

Identify, understand and accept what is, and isn’t, within your control

Problem -solving

Understanding that the use of reflection can be most useful, and fun even!  

Manage stress

Connect with others

Find purpose and meaning

Enhance/develop a broadened emotional vocabulary.

Enhance/develop a wider use of language and communication skills

Identify/strengthen own self-worth, self-esteem, self-confidence, self-identity, self-awareness

Enhance/develop the ability to express personal thoughts, feelings, and behaviours

Introduce/develop/enhance essential positive concepts/traits of life

Goal setting

Empathy - think of others, and/or the possible outcomes

Set boundaries

Promoting the ability to offload/share troubling thoughts and emotions

Create strategies to respond to future experiences/situations within a healthier approach

Stimulate social and personal development.

Utilise divergent thinking

Promote; Enthusiasm, innovative, imagination, emotional regulation, resilience…

... And so much more.

If this is your first time viewing my free resources, it may be helpful to download and complete the first workbook before starting this new one. It is not necessary, however, I feel that your child would likely gain more insight and self-awareness from this workbook having done so. 

You can find the first workbooks here:  


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There are strong links between children's positive wellbeing and school excellence.


The next workbook I have in mind to create, will be focused on returning to school and in generally socialisation. 

Having many restrictions upon me regarding the number of people I can meet when promoting these free workbooks, and the available time I have free, be sure to like my Facebook page to ensure that you get notified of the latest workbooks I create:

This new workbook consist of the following 15 worksheets:

My Covid-19 learnings & reflection

Gratitude letter

Lockdown comic strip

PMA colouring - Don't worry be happy

My Covid-19 life story

Identifying change

PMA colouring - Start over every morning

Identifying the positives of being isolated

Identifying the negatives of being isolated

Creating coping skills

Covid-19 emotional memories

My photo frame memory

My lockdown questionnaire

Understanding what is within my control

PMA colouring & reflection - Saying thank you

Analyse what have I learnt

Older children will most likely be able to complete the workbook alone. However, younger children will need the support of adults. Worksheets may appear to be too difficult for younger children but do not be discouraged by this. Encouraging young children to start their development of mental wellbeing will, without fail, create the best start for their adult-self. 

These worksheets will also be great memorabilia to look back on in years to come.


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I hope you and your children enjoy these free workbooks that I have created for you. I would love to hear any feedback.

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