A free 30 minute consultation is offered to all potential clients. I understand & appreciate what therapy can mean for some and that the thought of counselling can be rather overwhelming. My aim is to reduce the amount of anxiety you may feel when taking that first productive step within moving forward. My main priority is to ensure people get the right help/counsellor suited for their own personal needs. I offer a free 30-minute face-to-face initial session, or a full 50-minute session for just £20. 

For a full breakdown of fees, please check here.

Session's run for 50 minutes.

All information you provide is confidential. Further information will be discussed during our initial assessment as well as you being given a hard copy to take home with you.  
You can make payment via various methods on each session. Credit cards, cash, PayPal, bank transfer or Square. 
Every appointment will be held at my private practice; Rainham, Essex, RM13 8SW.
Each session is held for 50 minutes. Sessions are normally held at our agreed time and day, on a weekly basis.
However, understanding situations differ from person to person, other arrangements can also be made. Putting a time frame and set restrictions on your therapy, I feel, is not beneficial in relation to clients meeting their full potential. I work with all clients on an open ended approach, meaning there is no set time given to the time needing spent in therapy. Instead, between you and I,  we would regularly review your progression and discuss/agree when (where appropriate) an ending is approaching. However, if you require a set time-frame due to personal circumstances, than this could be a possibility. 
For any enquirers you may have, or to book in your free 30-minute consultation, please contact me via:

Phone - 07496731877
Email - kslosscounselling@outlook.com
The road has no parking restrictions and has plenty of parking bays available.
Please consider and respect the privacy of other people. Therefore, I ask that you arrive ahead of our scheduled time but not to enter the premises more than 1 minute ahead of our session start time. 
Please enter the back gate sign posted just 1 minute before your scheduled time. You will see my private practice at the rear of my garden where I shall be awaiting your arrival.