Parent-Child Relationship Support - Mental Health & Wellbeing Care. A Workbook For Parent's To Achieve Effective Changes To Improve Communications Between All Family Members

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23 Jun

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Following on from the workbooks that I have been creating surrounding children's mental health and wellbeing needs, I have also started to receive a lot of inquires from individuals asking for an adult's workbooks. 

Some individuals have asked for their own focused needs, while others have asked for workbooks that can help and support them while working alongside their child's. 

Therefore, I have created an initial workbook that can help with both requests 

Helping adults to analyse their own-self, while, encouraging relationships to reconnect and weep the potential rewards in return.

Identifying Past Negatives & Understanding The Futures Positives. 

This New Workbook Has Been Created To Help All Parents/Adults/Caregivers/Family Members In Various Aspects Of Family Life

Whether you have a good relationship with your children or you are in a place of struggle, ensuring that you use assertive and effective communication skills are essential for the mental health and emotional wellbeing aspects for all individuals, both adults and children.

From a child’s perspective, if these types of communication skills are what they grow up with, or have come to learn as being a positive change within the use of communication skills, these will become part of their positive learnt behaviours implemented within their adult-self. Therefore, being invaluable key self-traits and characteristics.

The outcome of completing this adult workbook aims to enhance/develop positive aspects being gained not only from you as the adult, but for all immediate family members that will benefit from these new findings. 

What Possible Benefits Might I Gain From Your Workbook?

A new deeper level of self-awareness. Positive strengths being developed. Self-esteem/confidence/control/worth all being enhanced. An increased skill of empathy and understanding of others. Greater use of positive and effective communication skills, coping skills, management tools being established. Positive mental health and wellbeing. Positive mental attitude (PMA.) Enthusiasm, innovative, imagination, emotional regulation, resilience... being heightened. 

There so too many benefits to list, the outcome could simply be PRICELESS.

This Adult Workbook Includes The Following Worksheets

Your Family Life Questions

An initial worksheet to help you identify and understand the particular area's within your own, and family, life needing positive changes to be made.

Anxieties - Irrational or Rational?

A worksheet to help you reflect, identify and understand your responses to situations and other individuals. 

Control or No Control?

A worksheet to help you to identify areas in life that you have no control over. Therefore, freeing up emotional and psychical energy to give to the areas that you do have control.

What Are My Triggers?

A worksheet to help you to identify various situations that may 'push your buttons' and understand triggers to any negative reactions. 

My Goals - Small Adaptions = Big Changes

A worksheet to help you to reflect upon 5 different stages, both positive and negative, to promote positive changes within your own, and your families, lives.

 Parent-Child Gratitude Offerings

A worksheet created to promote a wide range of positive mental health and wellbeing benefits, for both you and your child. A tool that has the potential to gain some of the greatest rewards. Promoting that desired parent-child bond being established once more, or, being excelled further, due to a deeper level of unconscious gratitude's being uncovered and shared between one another.

Child-Parent Gratitude Offerings

A worksheet created to promote a wide range of positive mental health and wellbeing benefits, for both child and adult. A tool that has the potential to gain some of the greatest rewards. Promoting that desired child-parent bond being established once more, or, being excelled further, due to a deeper level of unconscious gratitude's being uncovered and shared between one another. 

Fair Fighting Rules

A worksheet that you can put up for the whole family to see and use, being a possible, fundamental tool towards effective changes being achieved.

Changing Negative - Positive Processes - CBT

A worksheet designed to help you to identify, understand and change unhealthy thought processes into those that are more accurate and healthy. 

How My Negative Emotions Impact Upon My Negative Responses

A worksheet that helps you to explore how your emotions impact upon your responses, to situations and others, identifying unconscious relations.

Enhancing Emotional Wellbeing Via Key Assertive & Effective Communication Skills 

A worksheet designed to offer tips, support and exercises for you to use within your relationships to build various positive outcomes within yourself and those who you communicate with. 

Inner Wolf Mindfulness 

A worksheet that can, possibly, lead to highly effective insights and benefits being gained, both emotionally and physically.

My Gratitude Letter

A worksheet created as a starting point to offer emotional outreach from a parent to child. Enhancing potential gains by initially helping to reduce the present level of defence mechanisms being held by the child.

Coping Skills & Management Tools 

A worksheet that encourages you to identify, understand and accept your responses to situations, and other individuals, by using a range of self-help tools to reflect.

Could My Initial Emotion Be False? 

A worksheet that helps to promote new self-awareness being achieved, implementing upon the whole families benefits being gained.

Setting & Keeping Healthy Boundaries 

A worksheet that promotes self-control by identifying your boundaries as a parent. 

Communication Drawing Exercise 

A worksheet designed for the use of at least 2 members of your family, or all at once. An exercise that can create many fond memories, or be found as a real challenge. The outcome will show just how well you communicate between one another - or not! 

Relationship Building - Identifying & Appreciating Qualities

A worksheet that helps all individuals to be more mindful of the positive within families, reducing frustrations, anxieties, resentments... at the same time. 

Time To Analyse

A worksheet to help you put all your findings onto paper. The process of writing things downs is so very different from thinking things over. 

Information & Instructions  

A worksheet detailing any further information and instructions needed to enhance the best possible outcome for you and your family.  


To Oder This Family Support Workbook


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