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27 Feb

Firstly, I'd like to start by sharing my admiration for you. By being here now, tells me you have recognised that your struggles are not going to go away on their own and that it's time for change, by potentially receiving the help of a trained and qualified professional. I appreciate that for many it can take a whole lot of courage to even get to this point. You should feel good about yourself, you have taken a positive step forward.

Now, you are most likely here to find out if I could be the right Counsellor to help your through your difficulties, so let me not waste your time by offering you a brief summary of how I could possibly help you.

Working together, you and I will figure out why it is you feel stuck and unable to move forward, away from your difficulties in order to live the happy 'you,' you desire. I'll help you to explore and shed light on your discontent, acknowledge any fears and anxieties, uncover any related negative processes you may hold into positive ones, untangle all those mixed emotions so you understand yourself better and create new strategies and techniques in order to make those positive changes required for you to regain your self-control and confidence, enabling you to become the fulfilled 'you.'  

I believe every individual has the ability to change and I will be there to support you every step of the way while you give voice to your fears, hopes, anxieties, thoughts and feelings, without the fear of being judged or criticized and knowing everything you share is confidential. I'll never force you to talk about anything you to not wish to discuss. However, I can handle anything that you do and while exploring within your safe space with me, together we will regularly review our work in order to reach outcomes - to break free from your struggles and to find what it is you aim to achieve. 


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What's the difference between a normal Counsellor and a Integrative Counsellor?

Here's the tricky part, keeping it short but to the point without loosing your interest. 

Counsellors who are not Integrative, work (mostly) within only one approach with all individuals they help and although this might help some, the use of one specific therapy will not be beneficial for most when achieving the desired outcomes. This is why I spent five years to studying and training to become qualified. Now ten years on, I am very experienced within my career, helping people just like you. 

Think of a finger print, no two are the same, right? This relates to us as individuals too. We may share the same life events as others; miscarriage, divorce, bereavement, abortion, cancer, etc. Yet, no two of us will experience the secondary implications, emotions, thoughts, changes, senses of loss etc, as those of others. Why? As we are all unique.

My mission is to help you identify if I could possibly be the right Counsellor for you, not bore you and so below, I have created a very short summary of just some of the approaches I use within my work, and what issues they effectively resonate with.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) - Aims to identify specific problems, the ways how you think and act in the 'here and now,' stop negative cycles by breaking down things and relating to any factors that make you feel bad, anxious or scared, making your problems more manageable, identify and change any negative thought patterns and creating new/positive strategies in order to change negative behaviour and emotional state of mind. 

Depression, anxiety, stress, phobias, obsessions, self-control, managing long term conditions and relationships...

Humanistic Therapy - Focuses on each individual's potential of growth and self-actualization individual, encourages people to think about their feelings and take responsibility for their thoughts and actions. The emphasis is on self-development and achieving your highest potential rather than on problematic behaviour, allowing individuals to recognise their strengths, creativity and choices in the 'here and now.' 

Feeling lost, struggling with low self-esteem/confidence, direction, spiritual/believes, faith, behaviour...

Psychodynamic Therapy - Explores your full range of emotions, including unconscious and past experiences in which shape current behavioural and thought processes. Turn unconscious elements of your life into a part of your present to help understand how your thoughts, feelings and behaviours are affected by unresolved issues and unconscious feelings, helping you to gain the tools needed to take control once again of your life, relationships and your future. 

Anger management, anxiety, addiction, eating disorders, depression, traumas, conflicts, relationship issues... 

Transactional Analysis (TA) Therapy - Focuses on promoting personal growth and change and promotes full potential in all area’s of your life being achieved. It relates to 3 ego states: parent, adult and child, these different states can affect the way you feel and behave. As adults we may replay our childhood behaviours without being aware of them, which may create a negative response or reaction to our behaviour. TA helps you to recognize and become aware of your childhood patterns of behaviour and make personal changes with new patterns, to make full use of your adult options.  

Relationships, parenting, problem-solving, employment, stress, anxiety, habits, grief & loss, depression...

Gestalt Therapy - Aims for individuals to reach their full potential by focusing on the 'here and now,' along with your immediate thoughts, feelings and behaviours to gain a better understand to how you relate to others, experiences and issues while also identify your own choices you both have and can make, patterns of behaviour and difficulties; of which may be damaging to your that mental/physical health and well-being and stopping you achieve what it is you want/can be.

Dreams, family and work issues, relationships, self-awareness, self-esteem & confidence, bereavement, self-control...

Again, this is a very brief outline of some of the approaches I use and the issues related. There are various issues; family or relationship issues, stress, anxiety, depression, bereavement etc, they can be worked with by using a number of therapies. Yet works for some, will not for others and this is why Integrative Counselling is the better option to actually unearth the true reasons for your difficulties. Integrative therapy brings together different elements of specific therapies, constantly making adaptions to work with all individuals within a unique way. You will also continue to benefit after our work has ended as you will carry these tools gained, where you'll be able to quickly and effectively understand and resolve future issues, creating relief and peace of mind independently.

OK, so are still here. That's great, it means you are interested in what I could possibly offer you, so why not find out more about me. I understand and stress the importance of making sure you find the right counsellor for you and your needs, it is detrimental to your journey and outcome. I appreciate that even questioning the possibility of attending counselling can create fear or anxiety. This is why I offer a free 30 minute phone consultation to all, to help reduce any worries. Find out more.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss any concerns, please take a moment for yourself by simply sending me a message with your enquiry or giving me a call. In the meantime you could visit my FAQ'S page.

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Kylea Sustek

Counsellor & Psychotherapist


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