Children's Counselling/Therapy Workbook - Bereavement, Loss & Grief Focused

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11 Jun

I've been a qualified and experienced counsellor for over 8 years, having gone on to run a very successful private practice where throughout, I have had the pleasure working with numerous individuals overcoming a wide range of personal and mental difficulties. 

Focused Workbooks Topics To Come

+Mental Health  +Emotional/Mental Wellbeing  +Anxiety  +Depression  +Bullying  +Separation & Divorce  +Family Issues  +Worries  +Fears  +Identity  +Phobias  +Schooling Issues  +Behaviour Problems  +Anger  +Stress  +Overwhelming Thoughts & Emotions  +Attachment Issues  +Confidence  +Self-Esteem/Worth  +Socialising Difficulties +Communication  +Trust

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Please read how one primary loss in life creates an untold amount of secondary losses.


Bereavement, Loss & Grief Workbooks

This workbook is to help children who have, sadly, experienced the life event of a person dying, to process, understand, accept, and regulate their thoughts, feelings, and responses towards the loss having had occurred, and the changes within their young lives that have also, unfortunately, came with this death. Therefore, promoting positive mental health and wellbeing. 

Whether the death was a year or two ago, or of recent times, the various tools used within the worksheets will offer many positive approaches to help your child process their grief within a positive manner. Aspects taught throughout this workbook include the development, enhancement and promotion of:

Positive Emotional/ Mental WellbeingEmotional RationalisationEmotional Intelligence Trust
Sense Of Relief - OffloadMindfulness Coping SkillsCommunication Skills 
Self-awarenessConfidenceCognitive DevelopmentPersonal Growth
 Positive Mental Attitude - PMAStrengthens & WeaknessesMeaning & Purpose Personal Identity 
Creation Of Healthy Life Concepts  Self-Esteem & Self-Worth Emotional VocabularyManagement Tools
 Reflect & Evaluate Creation Of Healthy Personal Life Traits Ability To Adapt To ChangeResilience
Enhancement Of Imagination Defence Mechanisms Personal Boundaries Problem Solving 

...and more.


Within This Workbook You Will Receive The Following 20 Worksheets

My Loved One & I

Grief Responses

2 Hearts - Mindfulness

5 Steps To Deep Breathing

Game - Roll & Tell

My Goodbye Letter

Just Breathe - PMA

My Animated Life Story

Number One Memory

Forever In My Heart - Mindfulness

My Gratitude Letter

Taking 5 To Keep Calm

My memory Box

Emotions That Come With Grief

My Stages Of Grief

Understanding My Grief Triggers To Learn How To Cope

Stay Positive PMA

Understanding Grief Related Emotions

Analyse What I Have Learnt

Adults Information Page

What Makes Using My Services Better Than Using Any Free Worksheets Available?

Think about the well-known phrase  'opening a can of worms'.

While using such free relevant worksheets sound great, helpful, and ideal... They may end up being the polar opposite regarding your child's needs and welfare.

If you get your child to use such worksheets due to wanting to help upon particular issues, how can you ensure that the issues, of which will 90% be unconscious, are worked through efficiently, effectively, and safely, before closing the lid once more?

How would you even know, let alone being able to recover from this sudden shock - seeing (feeling) all of these worms (issues) jumping out at your child?

This is where my workbooks promote an ethical way of working. With my professional expertise, I have created the worksheets within an approach that will promote your child to process their emotions, thoughts, feelings, behaviours all within a safe and effective use.

Upon completion, you then have the added option to work with me personally again, via the use of my workbooks, if you felt this would be beneficial to your child's needs. 

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