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Focused Workbooks Topics To Come

+Mental Health  +Emotional/Mental Wellbeing  +Anxiety  +Depression  +Bullying  +Separation & Divorce  +Family Issues  +Worries  +Fears  +Identity  +Phobias  +Schooling Issues  +Behaviour Problems  +Anger  +Stress  +Overwhelming Thoughts & Emotions  +Attachment Issues  +Confidence  +Self-Esteem/Worth  +Socialising Difficulties +Communication  +Trust

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Anxiety is a body's natural response to stress. It's found within feelings of dread, unease, apprehension, worry, fear, nervousness. Experiences of anxiety may come and go unexpectedly and/or irregularly, or, maybe persistent. 

If feelings of anxiety are severe, and last longer than 6 months, and are having an impact upon daily life, it may be a case that it could be an anxiety disorder.

Anxiety Causes

Anxieties are caused by a combination of life events, circumstances, heredity, temperament, environmental and biochemical factors. Experiences that children face can be very stressful and even harder to cope with. Theses experiences may be something of which a parent will view as something silly, or irreverent. Or, they may be from a traumatic life event such as the death of a loved one or pet, serious illness, abuse/bullying, violence, learnt behaviours..etc. 

Be mindful, reasons for which any child experiences anxiety, of any level, does not have to be justified by anyone. The fact is, they do. A child's anxiety mustn't be left untreated/worked with. In the event of this, their anxiety may become more difficult and become an anxiety disorder, if it isn't already. 

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 Types Of Anxiety Disorders

Generalised Anxiety Disorder (GAD)

Separation Anxiety Disorder (SAD)

Social Anxiety Disorder

Separation Anxiety Disorder



Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD)

Panic Disorder

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) 

Skin Picking

Hair Pulling

Body Dysmorphic Disorder (BBD)

Risks Of Anxiety Being Left Untreated

Anxiety can be experienced within a wide range of levels, and, the effects it has upon different individuals. Some may have mild symptoms of anxiety and, possibly, are still able to continue life as normal. Other's will have moderate to severe levels of anxiety. While others will find it to be crippling, having a debilitating effect upon one's life where panic is experienced to high severity. 

Any level of anxiety can affect children's academics, relationships, communication ability, mental and physical functioning and competency, as well as the fundamental reason behind many other mental health issues arising. 

If a child's anxiety is left untreated, it could have serious negative consequences that can impact upon their entire daily lives. Research shows that they would also have a significantly higher risk of performing poorly within their school and/or higher education, miss out on important personal and social experiences, having physical health issues, engaging in substance abuse, and other more serious mental health issues being developed later on. Sadly, this includes the risk of suicidal behaviours. 

Anxiety is often confusing for anyone, let alone children, and therefore you as parents. Giving your child logical explanations for any anxiety-related reasons, unfortunately, will not help them, as the anxiety responses are too overpowering and defy any logic. 

How My Anxiety Workbooks Could Help

Whether your child has just recently started to struggle with anxiety, or, has been suffering from its effects for several years, this anxiety focused workbook will include various positive exercises that use a range of approaches to help your child to gain an enhanced emotional intelligence, enabling them to enhance their self-awareness and gain control over their anxieties. These worksheets will help your child (and yourself), become able to identify, and create, self-help management tools and coping skills. 

Two Main Approaches Used Within My Workbooks

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) - To help your child identify their unhelpful negative thoughts to then being able to challenge them by understanding what is irrational, and rational, before replacing these troubling thoughts with positive & effective thoughts.

Psychodynamic Therapy - With CBT aspects focusing on the present and future, I also use psychodynamic approaches to help your child reflect upon their past, and therefore, possibly, being able to understand where their reasons for their anxieties lay, enhancing their ability to move forward away from any fundamental issues and come to manage their anxieties within a much more controlled manner, and for a life long length of time.

    The Positive Effects For Your Child From The Anxiety Workbook 

Promote positive mental health

Enhance positive emotional wellbeing

Boost a positive mental attitude (PMA)

Offer insight/information in understanding symptoms of anxiety and the ability to control their responses within

Identify and strengthen self-worth, self-esteem, self-confidence, self-identity, self-awareness

Identify strengths and weaknesses

Identify areas that need adapting/changing to enhance and/or fulfil their young life

Challenge defence mechanisms - Turning negatives into positives

Manage feelings of stress, dread, unease, apprehension, worry, fear, nervousness

Create strategies to respond to future experiences/situations within a manageable and healthier approach

Enhance/develop the courage to express their personal thoughts, feelings, and behaviours

Develop/enhance the ability to stop and think before responding, in order to gain the most effective outcome for their needs

Develop life long positive personal traits, concepts and coping skills

Create problem-solving skills

Set personal boundaries and goals

Stimulate social and personal development

Utilise divergent thinking

Promote enthusiasm, innovative, imagination, emotional regulation, resilience

Strengthen their ability to adapt to change

Enhance personal growth - In all aspects 

Promote awareness of the importance to be mindful and to relax

Manage stress

Find purpose and meaning

Enhance/develop a broadened emotional vocabulary

Enhance/develop a wider use of language and communication skills

 And so much more

Each Anxiety Workbook Contains 20 Individual Worksheets. 

You will find further details of the worksheets included within the set categories 

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What Makes Using My Services Better Than Using Any Free Worksheets Available?

Think about the well-known phrase  'opening a can of worms'.

While using such free relevant worksheets sound great, helpful, and ideal... They may end up being the polar opposite regarding your child's needs and welfare.

If you get your child to use such worksheets due to wanting to help upon particular issues, how can you ensure that the issues, of which will 90% be unconscious, are worked through efficiently, effectively, and safely, before closing the lid once more?

How would you even know, let alone being able to recover from this sudden shock - seeing (feeling) all of these worms (issues) jumping out at your child?

This is where my workbooks promote an ethical way of working. With my professional expertise, I have created the worksheets within an approach that will promote your child to process their emotions, thoughts, feelings, behaviours all within a safe and effective use.

Upon completion, you then have the added option to work with me personally again, via the use of my workbooks, if you felt this would be beneficial to your child's needs. 

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