Relationship Counselling

Relationship Counselling

Relationship counselling is not admitting defeat. Instead, it's potentially preventing defeat, by receiving relationship counselling.

Relationships are built upon; Commitment, honesty, communication and vulnerability.  

Couples counselling is a therapy tool many of us use when relationships have lost their way and particularly, when in crisis and/or close to separation. Or, maybe you have already separated and hope to rebuild your relationship/marriage.  

My professional role is to help you both equally, offering a neutral, emphatic and non-judgmental approach. Offering equal time, attention and understanding to both of your perspectives around the problems you are facing within a constructive manner.

Gains and benefits of Couples Counselling - These are just a handful of examples clients can achieve;

  • Establish individual and combined desired outcomes and goals.
  • Identify, understand and accept the problems within your relationship.
  • Stop the 'blame game' and instead hear each another's own thoughts, feelings and opinions surrounding these issues.
  • Acknowledge individual fears, hopes and personal struggles.
  • Decrease emotional avoidance and increase that loving bond.
  • Hear, understand, and empathize with each other's pains and frustrations.
  • Identify any dysfunctional thoughts, feelings, and behaviours, and replace them with functional ones.
  • Identify and promote individual and combined strengths and weaknesses.
  • Improve your ability to communicate within a wide range of ways currently unknown to you both.
  • Implementation of approaches/strategies to enable and develop positive changes.
  • Promote forgiveness and ability to rebuild trust.
  • Feel supported, acknowledged, respected, appreciated, and valued.
  • Improve intimacy and all other positive aspects within your relationship.
  • To once again - feel loved and wanted.

Insights and tools gained within therapy, continue to benefit you throughout your future. 

You and your partner may be finding yourselves trapped within a vicious circle, arguing about the smallest things and rows are now likely to quickly escalate into something unnecessary or nasty, which you later regret. There are an untold number of reasons to why relationships struggles and therefore, couples seek professional help;

Lack of understanding    Feeling sad, confused, guilty, crazy, lonely, fearful    Postnatal depression    Anger issues    

Affairs and betrayals    Seasonal affective disorder (SAD)    Sexual and emotional abuse    Sex problems    Loneliness    

Parenting issues    Gender/sexuality issues    Identity    Low self-esteem/worth/confidence    Redundancy    Loss & Grief    Cancer    

Illnesses    Career    Financial difficulties   Anxiety    Depression    Pre/bereavement    Separation and divorce    Trauma   

 Trust issues    Differing libidos    Control issues    Relationship feeling stale    Leading separate lives    Fears

Mental health & Psychical health issues    Feeling trapped and/or bored being within an unloving partnership    

Stress (Personal and/or work-related)    Family and/or in-law issues     Differing faiths, religions, directions, morals, values, ambitions, and goals    

There are countless reasons for relationships becoming struggled. Whatever your reasons are, counselling could help you both achieve your desired outcomes.

As with any form of counselling, there are no set guarantees that your relationship will be saved. However, the sooner you receive professional help to at least try and resolve any issues and conflicts, the more effective counselling will be for you both, and therefore, increasing the chance of successfully repairing and rebuilding your relationship. 

Counselling could prevent unnecessary separation. More so, build a greater, exciting, and fulfilled future together. 

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