Kylea Sustek

Kylea Sustek

Firstly, a little about me... 

Turning the age of just 18, I was very depressed. I had been for a couple of years due to difficult events I experienced in my teens. I had become to feel extremely stuck within my young age. I felt trapped within this dark bubble that was filled with so many negative emotions; sadness, depression, grief, anxiety, anger, confusion, jealousy…

I had tried numerous attempts to make various positive changes to my life, all to have failed. Thankfully I did not give up hope. Instead, I accepted the fact that I wasn’t able to ‘do it alone’ and so I sought professional help. It was here that I started my personal journey within therapy and when my life began to change dramatically, and more importantly... when I did.

As I walked to my car after having finished my very last counselling session, I was suddenly hit by a unique memorable life-changing moment. I physically felt as though I had been slapped around the face with this new realization, becoming aware of what it was that I was meant to do with the rest of my life – 

To become a counsellor and to give other individuals the same chance that my counsellor had given me; The ability to change.

Today, I have over 15 years of experience working within a wide range of mental health issues, life difficulties, emotional stresses, physical and mental wellbeing's, working with both individual clients and couples. I have achieved my professional goal and now own a very successful private practice in Rainham, Essex.

A safe and confidential space that is solely focused on you


  • Receive 100% of my attention when listening & communicating.
  • Offer a safe space for you to talk about your thoughts and feelings without the fear of being judged or criticized.
  • Receive genuine care towards your needs with respect, consideration, and empathy. 
  • All of our work will be confidential and in line with my professional governing body (BACP), policies.
  • To be resilient, patient, compassionate, committed, trustworthy and honest at all times.
  • To have a genuine interest in you, your life and your wellbeing and what you bring to our sessions.
  • To use my expert skills, knowledge & experience when working in collaboration with yourself, implementing interventions to help you reach the most effective & efficient outcome where possible. 
  • Offer sensitivity to differences, in all aspects.
  • Offer an open ended-approach - no restrictions on the amount of time you are to be in therapy - unless all your requirements have been achieved. 
  • Offer any external support and/or information when and where necessary, with your best interests being my main focus. 


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Verified member of the BACP