Kylea Sustek

Kylea Sustek

I am a fully qualified and experienced MBACP Dip. Couns Integrative counsellor and psychotherapist, a member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP.)

Firstly, a little about me... 

I had already worked within the mental health/care sector for several years, since the age of 17, before I was hit by that unique memorable life-changing moment. You know, the one where you feel like you have been slapped around the face with a physical realization of what it is you are meant to do - becoming immediately aware of my mission in life; To become a Counsellor. 

Having personally experienced various difficult events within my own life, I came to develop a huge pet hate, one in particular. Each time hearing it, I felt like screaming. The frustration I felt, and still do, when I hear another say 'I know how you feel'. All because others may share that one primary life experience as you, does not mean they know how you feel,  they could only relate.

In a nutshell, this was the start of my journey to becoming a fully qualified counsellor in 2008. Having worked for employers for several years as a Counsellor, I grew tired of working within strict guidelines, which dramatically reduced my client's ability to make their own choices. Therefore, being the person I am, it was inevitable that I would stand up for what I believe in and open my own private practice, working within my own terms and conditions I see right, to help others as they desire.

For more information on primary & secondary experiences, visit; Loss & Grief Counselling.

Only YOU can tell YOU'RE story. However, I can help you understand it further. 

#kyleasustekI understand that working through your troubles can be very difficult and scary, but I am here to support you through. 


  • Receive 100% of my attention when listening & communicating.
  • Offer a safe space for you to talk about your thoughts and feelings without the fear of being judged or criticized.
  • Receive genuine care to your needs with respect, consideration and empathy. 
  • Offer to gain your trust to build a therapeutic relationship, promoting a positive outcome for my clients.
  • All of our work would be confidential and in line with professional policies.
  • To be resilient, patient, compassionate, committed, trustworthy and honest at all times.
  • To have a genuine interest in you, your life and your well-being and what you bring to our sessions.
  • To use my expert skills, knowledge & experience when working in collaboration with yourself, implementing interventions to help you reach the most effective & efficient outcome where possible. 
  • Offer sensitivity to differences, in all aspects.
  • Offer an open ended-approach - no restrictions on time you're allowed in therapy unless we see it unnecessarily.
  • Offer any external support and/or information when and where necessary, with your best interests being my focus. 


Being an Integrative Counsellor means I have studied longer and gained a broader use of knowledge and expertise, using various theories, concepts, techniques and strategies needed to help individuals meet their desired goals and outcomes, within a much more effective and efficient time-frame. I am dedicated to helping all individuals, both personally and professionally, to live a happier and healthier life and enabling you all to be the person you desire.

I am qualified and experienced working within all relating counselling areas/difficulties and mental health issues, and I specialize in:- Loss & Grief. Please check here for more information surrounding the misused term of 'Loss & Grief, and how this issue can affect us all on a regularly. 

Verified member of the BACP
Verified member on Psychology TodayVerified member of Counselling Directory